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During 2020, the EBRD and Eurostat refused to acknowledge the whistleblowing against them and confirmed Russian Mafia fraud criminal Valdis Dombrovskis became European Commission Executive Vice President. Latvia increased its national debt by selling billions of euros of bonds to the European Central Bank and presumably all of the money was stolen by the same KGB Oligarchy that has controlled the fake democratic government since 1991. Does the Putin Regime control the EBRD, Eurostat, and the European Commission? Hopefully Brussels, London, Washington, and the Media will wake up in 2021.

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Eurostat communicates!

Dear LawlessLatvia fans,

Something amazing happened. For the first time since the EBRD-Eurostat-Dombrovskis cover-up campaign began eleven years ago, Eurostat has in a way communicated with me. They won’t talk directly and won’t acknowledge that they know I exist. However I was messaging with a journalist and he was asking them questions and they were uncharacteristically responding to him.

As we know, the assets of Parex were fake for many years because of their policy of making related-party loans and booking them fraudulently. This sort of ‘lending’ (actually, embezzlement) can continue as long as a bank is growing however is exposed if a bank has to deleverage.

In 2009, Valdis Dombrovskis was Prime Minister and he signed a deal which gave the appearance that Latvia sold a stake in Parex to the EBRD. If this was true, then it meant that the EBRD thought Parex was solvent.

Then, Dombrovskis won re-election because, according to himself, he rescued Latvia from ‘Sweden.’ The oligarchs are still probably laughing in their palaces about how anyone believed that stupid make-believe story.

After Dombrovskis was re-elected, I managed to get confirmation from the Dutch Parliament that he didn’t really sell a stake to the EBRD in 2009 because of a secret side-deal with the EBRD which they called a ‘put option.’

In 2014, the EBRD exercized the put option and Latvia reversed the 2009 privatization, paying a premium to the EBRD.

Explained more directly, Parex was worthless in 2009. It had been looted. Dombrovskis knew this and the EBRD also knew this. In order to protect the criminals who looted the bank and as an alternative to trying to recover the stolen money, Dombrovskis convinced the EBRD to buy the stake by secretly promising to reverse the transaction in 2014 after the election.

A surprise was that Eurostat was aware that he had done this and approved. Eurostat is responsible for integrity in EU statistics thus they were doing exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.

The first comment from Eurostat was that the amount of public money Dombrovskis secretly used to pay the EBRD was 100 million euros which is only 0.4% of GDP and therefore unimportant.

I countered that I believe 2 billion euros or more was embezzled from the bank, which means that the true cost to taxpayers was 2 billion plus 100 million euros. This was a significant part of GDP.

Eurostat countered that the amount of money that disappeared from the bank was only 800 million euros and therefore this transaction only caused Latvians to lose a total of 900 million euros which is ok.

Eurostat said that their rules allow member states to use put options and to keep the put options secret from voters and creditors. With Dombrovskis, the put option wasn’t even disclosed to rival political parties. It was designated as a state secret meaning that anyone who spoke of it would face criminal prosecution.

Calling a secretly negotiated reversion a put option doesn’t make sense. Eurostat indicated that if a put option is exercised, then the government must tell people about it, but not earlier. Eurostat rationalized that there was a possibility that the EBRD would not use the put option. But the only reason the EBRD ‘bought’ the stock in 2009 was because of the put option and they would have lost 100% of their investment if they didn’t use it!

We still aren’t sure when this will end since the Parex privatization fraud has been rolled over into the Citadele privatization fraud. According to Eurostat’s report on Latvia published in 2018 but read by almost nobody and not appearing in the Latvian media or Citadele annual reports, the sale of Citadele stock to the EBRD will also be reversed because of another secret put option.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated, especially since Dombrovskis is now European Commission Executive Vice President. Eurostat is aware of the ongoing cover-up and they could shut down the Latvian oligarchy and the largest money laundering racket in European history by reversing their decision to approve the so-called ‘put option’ however so far they are refusing to do their jobs.

Thank you,

John Christmas

All 2019 Articles

Here are the most important articles from 2019. We have pdf files also in case links go down because of bribery and threats. Sadly, there was no progress with law enforcement in Latvia in 2019. The prime minister is a criminal, the general prosecutor is a criminal, the European commissioner is a criminal, and the head of SAB is a criminal. The mainstream media is still publishing fake stories that Parex Bank collapsed because of the United States or Sweden and fake stories that Citadele Bank is cleaned up. Eventually, we hope Latvia will have an honest government and will prosecute and sue every person and institution that participated in the Parex looting and cover-up to recover billions of euros for the benefit of the Latvian people. It is possible. The corrupt former prime minister of Croatia is now in prison and the corrupt prime minister of Malta was forced to resign and is likely to be prosecuted thanks to a whistleblower, journalists who do their jobs, and activist citizens.

January 2020 (written in December 2019)

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December 2019

video with evidence that Lembergs stole even more money than Kargin and Krasovitsky, however government is still pretending nothing happened

November 2019

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Skaties about KGB oligarch Aven, very comfortable in Latvia

October 2019

Gobzems video, six million euros paid to Karins from Cyprus

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September 2019

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June 2019

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May 2019

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Latvia Weekly Solaris bribery

Rietumu Bank clean-up really a heist

Every year, Latvian banks are caught organizing massive crimes. And every year, Latvian officials promise to clean-up the sector but don’t really do anything. That’s why the same money-laundering crooks have been active in Latvia since the early 1990’s and never had any problem with law enforcement.

After bad publicity in early 2018 about massive corruption and money laundering, Latvia as usual announced a clean-up, the main aspect of which was having Rietumu Bank close half of its shell-company deposit accounts. We were wondering how Rietumu could do that, because it probably cannot pay back the depositors. Normally, Latvian banks operate by taking in depositor money and transferring the money to insiders using fake loans. These fake loan ‘assets’ sit on the books for years until the bank eventually collapses and we learn that the assets weren’t real.

Rietumu did manage to close half of its accounts, however this was done in a way that would be illegal in a civilized country. The bank gouged many clients with huge surprise fees thus erasing the account balances instead of allowing the balances to be withdrawn! Is it safe to assume that the depositors who got robbed were probably the lawful depositors and the depositors who Rietumu retained and didn’t rob were the biggest crooks? Here is a website where people who got robbed by Rietumu can organize:


Krisjanis Karins & Tambovskaya Mafia

On 7 March 2019, Saeima Deputy Aldis Gobzems (Independent) released evidence that Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (Jauna Vienotiba) received millions of euros from a company registered in Cyprus and linked to a Russian citizen. We thank and applaud Gobzems for making this information public.

We are not surprised to learn that Karins is on the payroll of a shady Russian. Karins was a recipient of the May 2005 whistleblowing letter against Parex Bank, which he ignored even though he was Minister of the Economy and it was the largest fraud in Latvian history. We can show from emails that he was informed in January 2006 that the whistleblower was hiding and receiving murder threats, and he ignored that also.

The result was that Parex was looted, the national economy collapsed, and 20% of the population fled. The largest recipients of money flowing out of Parex appear to have been: the Kargin family, the Krasovitsky family, Yuri Shefler (US Treasury warning list), Oleg Boiko (US Treasury warning list), Eduard Khudainatov (Tambovskaya Mafia and US Treasury sanctions list), and Grigory Rabinovich (Tambovskaya Mafia). The Tambovskaya Mafia, according to the Spanish government, was a violent heroin and sex-slave trafficking organization linked to Vladimir Putin which used money-laundering platforms at Parex.

Another detail from the same whistleblowing is that Karins is bankrupting Riga City. Part of the whistleblowing was about Solaris Bus paying bribes to Riga City through Parex. This racket started in 2002, Karins learned of it in 2005 and did nothing, and therefore the racket continued until 2018 with perhaps one hundred million euros stolen. This is small compared with the billions that disappeared from Parex, but it is significant because it shows that as long as Karins keeps lying about the whistleblowing and lying that Parex collapsed because of ‘Sweden’ (that is the official story from Jauna Vienotiba), we can expect the same criminals to continue stealing more money from us.

Citadele privatization also fake!

LawlessLatvia has been alerted of yet another massive EBRD fraud crime against the people of the European Union and for the benefit of Vladimir Putin. The link below is a European Commission Eurostat report dated 23 April 2018 and it seems that nobody noticed the report when it was published. Either that or corruption prevented this fraud revelation from appearing in the media.

As a quick review of earlier events: (1) a whistleblower gave details to EY that Parex Bank was a pyramid fraud in 2004 and EY refused to act, (2) the same whistleblower gave the pyramid fraud info to Latvian officials in 2005 who also refused to act, and Parex chased the whistleblower out of Latvia with murder threats, (3) PM Godmanis gave a pile of money to Parex in 2008 and lied that he was saving Latvia from the United States, (4) PM Dombrovskis gave a pile of money to Parex in 2009 and lied that he was saving Latvia from Sweden, (5) meanwhile more and more evidence confirmed that Parex was a pyramid fraud and was looted by Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia.

The EBRD got involved in 2009, joining a criminal conspiracy with PM Dombrovskis to trick Latvian people that Parex wasn’t looted by the Mafia and to assist his disinformation campaign to blame Sweden. The EBRD announced that it bought shares in Parex because they were valuable, however later the fake investment was reversed and we discovered that actually Dombrovskis paid the EBRD to pretend to buy the shares.

Now, with this new absurd report from Eurostat, we can confirm what we have suspected all along – the Citadele privatization to the EBRD in 2010 was also completely fake! And, this second cover-up fraud is still continuing now in 2018! It was another fraud designed to dupe and rob Latvian citizens and creditors. And once again, Eurostat knows about it however is doing nothing to stop it! The only people who benefit are puppet Dombrovskis and his masters from Putin’s Oligarchy.

In this report, Eurostat and EY admit that they know that the EBRD didn’t really buy Citadele shares from Latvia, but instead Latvia is paying the EBRD to pretend to own shares presumably to dupe Citadele creditors and counterparties, especially its correspondent banks. The 2010 Citadele Bank annual report states that the EBRD paid 35 million euros to purchase shares and this 2018 Eurostat report says Latvia secretly agreed to pay the EBRD 88 million euros to pretend to buy those shares. Latvian taxpayers will get robbed of 53 million euros. Of course the secret reversal wasn’t mentioned in the Citadele annual report because it is an illegal fraud.

This brings up many interesting possibilities for future economic disasters in Latvia. When Parex was split into ‘good bank’ Citadele and ‘bad bank’ Reverta back in 2010, the government said that 50% of Parex assets were bad and would go to the bad bank. That was a big change from 2009 government and EBRD statements that the Parex assets were good.

We knew that at least some of the supposedly ‘good’ assets that went to Citadele were criminal, fraudulent, and therefore ‘bad.’ For example, Parex made loans to Rigas Satiksme that funded bribery by Solaris and Daimler that was revealed in the US v Daimler case. And, Parex made loans to Latvenergo that funded bribery by Alstom that was revealed in the Switzerland v Alstom case. Rigas Satiksme and Latvenergo have no obligation to repay these loans, however haven’t repudiated the debts so far because of the government policy of covering-up rather than prosecuting corruption.

Now we must wonder – were any of the Parex assets really ‘good’? Since nobody would buy shares in Citadele, and Latvia had to pay the EBRD to pretend to buy that bank, perhaps Citadele was already looted at inception? And, what about the Ripplewood investors from the USA? Were they duped and robbed by Latvia and the EBRD? Did Latvia lie to Ripplewood that the EBRD invested even though the EBRD didn’t really invest? Or, maybe Ripplewood is part of the scam? Maybe Latvia also secretly paid Ripplewood to pretend to invest to make the bank seem ‘American’ even though its function is still offshore banking for Russia and Ukraine provided by the same money launderers who cleaned out Parex?


All 2018 Articles

2018 was an excellent year for articles about the still-continuing Latvia-EBRD fraud racket which costs society billions every year.  We counted 23 articles published by 14 publishers in 7 countries.  Unfortunately it still isn’t enough because there has been zero reaction from Latvian authorities and EBRD staff who are still pretending to be unaware of the whistleblowing against them.  Hopefully we will smash the racket in 2019! We have pdf backups of all articles in case any links go down.

9 January 2018 Mold-Street (Moldova) – new LatviavEBRD video announced


19 February 2018 Washington Post (USA) – Rimsevics arrested, Christmas recognized as whistleblower


16 April 2018 Byline (UK) – Christmas recognized as whistleblower


17 April 2018 Sven Giegold (Germany) – MEP raises questions with ECB


23 April 2018 New York Times (USA) – Christmas recognized as whistleblower

27 April 2018 Society for Baltic Security (Latvia) – Christmas recognized as whistleblower


3 May 2018 Byline (UK) – Citadele Bank exposed


31 May 2018 Baltic Rim Economies (Finland) – EBRD fraud explained


18 June 2018 Byline (UK) – Arnis Lagzdins exposed


25 July 2018 Byline (UK) – Double Coffee exposed


30 July 2018 BuzzFeed News (USA) – Anders Aslund exposed


30 July 2018 Byline (UK) – Alastair Tulloch exposed


30 August 2018 Byline (UK) – Kargin and Krasovitsky families exposed


XX August 2018 Gatis Eglitis JKP (Latvia) – describes Parex bailout as a heist


30 August 2018 Byline (UK) – VIA SMS exposed


30 August 2018 Byline (UK) – more Kargin and Krasovitsky


31 August 2018 Ralfs Nemiro KPV (Latvia) – describes Parex bailout as a heist


25 September 2018 Bloomberg (USA) – Christmas recognized as whistleblower


17 October 2018 Private Eye (UK) – Christmas recognized as whistleblower


19 November 2018 Byline (UK) – Grigory Rabinovich exposed


4 December 2018 Byline (UK) – Anders Aslund exposed


27 December 2018 The Shift (Malta) – appeal to Dr. Edward Scicluna

30 December 2018 Latvia Weekly – Solaris Bus, Riga City


JKP exposes Vienotiba-Gunvor-Putin link

Vienotiba Party (formerly Jaunais Laiks and now Jauna Vienotiba) has worked hard since the 2005 Parex Bank whistleblowing to establish itself as Vladimir Putin’s favourite party in Latvia.  While spreading false propaganda about being pro-EU and pro-NATO, the party has run a fraud and disinformation campaign to help Kremlin-linked bankers loot billions of euros from Latvian taxpayers.  We hope voters know the old saying ‘actions speak louder than words.’

Gatis Eglitis is a candidate for Saeima on the Riga list (people who vote outside Latvia will be counted for the Riga list).  We recommend Riga list voters should select the Jauna Konservativa Partija (JKP) and mark a plus next to Eglitis.

Eglitis made a post on Facebook on 17 August 2018 with a public statement that the Parex bailout was a heist, not a rescue.  This made him the first Latvian Saeima candidate to say the truth about Parex.  Parex was the money launderer for Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia.

Now, in the video below, Eglitis exposes that the Vienotiba-OIK-Latvenergo scam is also linked to Putin, through Putin’s notorious Gunvor company which skims money in corrupt oil and gas deals.

EY again! Unbelievable…

Think of Ukraine.  More corrupt than Latvia?  Maybe not.  When undeclared insider loans caused Ukraine’s Privatbank to collapse, the government commenced a lawsuit against PWC to recover $3 billion.

In Latvia, the government could have sued EY for $1 or $2 billion for the Parex collapse.  A whistleblower handed information about undeclared insider loans to EY a few years earlier and those same loans were some of the worst assets at Parex.

EY then ‘audited’ both Parex and ABLV’s annual reports for 2008 which was the year when the government transferred money to Parex to help a lot of Parex clients withdraw their deposits and re-deposit the money at ABLV.  Maybe some assets or equity was also shifted around, who knows?

But here is the crazy new story – EY has been appointed to audit the liquidation of ABLV!  Latvia isn’t suing EY and instead is giving them access to billions more dollars!

Corruption in Latvia has reached a point where it is just a game between the corrupt bankers and corrupt administrators to divide up loot, while regulators and prosecutors do nothing and pretend they don’t know what is happening.  Anyone interested in investing here?  Ha ha.  Certainly not us, until the EU or US helps Latvia to arrest the perpetrators and put them in jail.

Baltic Rim Economies

You can’t read about the largest fraud racket in Eastern Europe in the Wall Street Journal, Economist, Bloomberg, Guardian, Financial Times, New York Times, or Washington Post.  They refuse to publish articles about EBRD support for Vladimir Putin’s money launderers.  However now you can read about it in Baltic Rim Economies!  BRE is a publication of the Pan-European Institute at the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku in Finland.  Thanks for publishing!

pdf of article:

BRE May 2018

link to entire May 2018 edition: