Here are the most important articles from 2019. We have pdf files also in case links go down because of bribery and threats. Sadly, there was no progress with law enforcement in Latvia in 2019. The prime minister is a criminal, the general prosecutor is a criminal, the European commissioner is a criminal, and the head of SAB is a criminal. The mainstream media is still publishing fake stories that Parex Bank collapsed because of the United States or Sweden and fake stories that Citadele Bank is cleaned up. Eventually, we hope Latvia will have an honest government and will prosecute and sue every person and institution that participated in the Parex looting and cover-up to recover billions of euros for the benefit of the Latvian people. It is possible. The corrupt former prime minister of Croatia is now in prison and the corrupt prime minister of Malta was forced to resign and is likely to be prosecuted thanks to a whistleblower, journalists who do their jobs, and activist citizens.

January 2020 (written in December 2019)

EU Today link

December 2019

video with evidence that Lembergs stole even more money than Kargin and Krasovitsky, however government is still pretending nothing happened

November 2019

Byline about Lagarde and Dombrovskis link

LSM about Parex oligarch Shefler giving orders to Riga City

Skaties about KGB oligarch Aven, very comfortable in Latvia

October 2019

Gobzems video, six million euros paid to Karins from Cyprus

Byline, Parex oligarchs still enjoying our money, video about Skele still stealing our money

September 2019

EU Bubble in English

EU Bubble in Latvian

EU Bubble in Russian

Byline Times terrorism campaign against Parex whistleblower

Byline Times 5 September 2019 Christmas

August 2019

Byline Times Parex connected with Alexander Torshin

Byline Times 9 Aug 2019 Torshin

July 2019

Byline Andris Vilks loots Riga City

OffshoreCorpTalk Rietumu robs customers

Byline Parex fraudster Gene Zolotarev

Gobzems video about Romeiko, Karins, Maizitis, the same crooks who covered-up the Parex whistleblowing

The Shift News ABLV murder

June 2019 Eurostat covering-up Parex looting

Tortoise Media ABLV murder

Tortoise ABLV 2019

Byline Dombrovskis fraud

The colour of Russian money part 19: how Latvia’s financial wizard made billions of dollars disappear…(part 2) – Byline

Byline 3 June 2019 Dombrovskis 2

May 2019

Baltic Rim Economies, University of Turku

BRE 29 May 2019 EBRD 2

Skaties Karins bribe

TV3 bribe from Cyprus to Karins via ABLV discovered 2019

April 2019

Byline Dombrovskis fraud

The colour of Russian money part 18: how Latvia’s financial wizard made billions of dollars disappear…(part 1) – Byline

Byline 23 Apr 2023 Dombrovskis 1

March 2019

Byline Znotina

The colour of Russian money part 17: An Open Letter to Ilse Znotina – Byline

Byline 22 Dec 2018 Znotina

February 2019

Byline Volcker

The colour of Russian money part 16: An Open Letter to Paul Volcker – Byline

Byline 15 Feb 2019 Volcker

video by Ansis Pupols about corruption of Rimsevics

January 2019

Juris Kaza about Riga Riot and John Christmas

Byline corruption of Edward Lucas

The Colour of Russian Money part 15: The Fourth Estate part 3; Edward Lucas: The Economics of truth? – Byline

Byline 9 Jan 2019 Lucas

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 1

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 2

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 3

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 4

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 5

Byline 9 Jan 2019 page 6

Latvia Weekly Solaris bribery