This 2014 article just came to our attention. Latvia’s LSM, when briefly mentioning the Latvia-EBRD fraud for the first and last time in an article, stated they don’t know why the Dutch investigated this fraud. Of course LSM does know the reason: because exiled Parex whistleblower John Christmas requested the investigation and the fraud is one of the largest and most destructive in European history. However this true explanation doesn’t fit with the LSM agenda to trick outsiders that Jauna Vienotiba, Latvia’s ruling party, is pro-EU, pro-NATO, and anti-Putin. Their endorsement of Krisjanis Karins for prime minister in 2023, claiming he is anti-Putin even though he is responsible for this fraud and his wife was caught receiving nine million euros from a shell company in Cyprus which is linked to Putin, gave a hint about this agenda.

EBRD stake in Parex included ‘put option’ / Article (

LSM put option 2014 article