The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental organization based in Paris with a responsibility for fighting money laundering.  The FATF maintains lists of “high-risk” and “non-cooperative” countries and, obviously, Latvia should be added to these lists because the Latvian government is controlled by a group of offshore Russian/Ukrainian shell-company banks.

The Latvian people are suffering because these banks are corrupting and bankrupting the country.  Europeans, Russians, and Ukrainians are also victims.  The FATF could help everyone by pressuring Latvia to close these banks.

Exiled Parex Bank whistleblower John Christmas alerted the FATF to this problem, and the FATF replied that they will do nothing and the whistleblower should “contact a lawyer.”

Interesting advice!  The whistleblower in a multi-billion-euro fraud and money laundering case should “contact a lawyer” to fight the entire Russian/Ukrainian Mafia.

The FATF is not the only taxpayer-funded organization with this attitude.  The attitude of Europol, the British FSA, the British SFO, and the German BaFin has been the same.  No wonder Europe is being overrun by a financial crime wave.

Here is the FATF email: