Washington lobbyist Paul Manafort is in the headlines because a US Grand Jury charged him with ‘Conspiracy against the United States.’  He accepted fees from Oligarch Deripaska and President Yanukovich for helping them to steal billions of dollars from millions of poor people, thus destabilizing Ukraine.

When will a US Grand Jury charge Washington lobbyist Sally Painter?  She accepted fees from Parex Bank and ABLV Bank for helping them steal billions of dollars from millions of poor people, thus destabilizing Latvia.  Some of the dirty money from Ukraine also went through these banks, so she helped destabilize Ukraine also.

While Vladimir Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia ran money through Parex, Painter was working to convince the US government to ignore whistleblower information that Parex was a money launderer and a pyramid fraud.

When the pyramid fraud collapsed, thus proving she was a liar, she didn’t slow down at all.  Painter moved from Parex to ABLV along with other key Parex employees and many shell company bank accounts.

Luckily for Latvia and Ukraine, the US Treasury finally decided to ignore Painter.  US Treasury officials saw that ABLV was exactly the same as the old Parex and therefore FinCEN blacklisted ABLV.

Hopefully, the nightmare is over.  However we wonder: (1) how many billions of dollars were stolen from Latvians and Ukrainians because of Painter’s efforts? (2) how much did she get paid for that?



Painter was involved with Burisma, Atlantic Council, and Hunter Biden! Possible to just Google that.

Painter used to represent Firtash and Fursin: https://lj.rossia.org/users/anti_myth/692055.html

Painter Firtash Fursin