Below is the link to a Latvian news article about arms smuggling in Africa.

The article states that in 2004, the French peacekeeping force in Ivory Coast was assaulted by SU25 bombers and military helicopters from Belarus.  Nine French soldiers died.

The bombers and helicopters were discovered to have been ordered and paid for by “R. M. Holdings” of Latvia.

The article explains connections with Laurent Gbagbo and Oleg Boiko.

The article does not explain two connections with Parex Bank.  Oleg Boiko’s company Union Bancorp, Inc. is a minority shareholder in Parex Bank.  And, Robert Montoya Holdings is a minority shareholder in Parex Bank.

Oleg Boiko is well known in Latvia because after the assets disappeared from his bank in Russia, he moved to Latvia and immediately received a banking license for Baltic Transit Bank and a casino license for Vegas Casino.