In 2021, Alexei Navalny returned to Russia which sparked protests against the Putin Regime. The West announced limited sanctions which do not hit any of Putin’s Oligarchs. Seeing that the Western governments are completely corrupt and incompetent, Putin amassed a military force near the border with Ukraine perhaps planning a full military push into Europe. The West still hasn’t woken up to the threat of the EBRD which remains Putin’s top disinformation and money-laundering tool. Proof that the EBRD is running a fraud racket with the Latvian government to protect Putin’s bankers has been openly available since 2010 but for some reason no government officials and no mainstream journalists from any country are able to mention it. We at LawlessLatvia keep spreading the truth on as many websites as possible with hopes that officials in Washington/London/Brussels might wake up. The EBRD fraud, and therefore Putin’s money-laundering network, can be shut down in a day just through exposure.  2021 efforts featured not only articles about this fraud, but also a movie and a book.

28 Dec 2021, EU Bubble

EU Bubble Dec 2021 English

EU Bubble Dec 2021 Latvian

6 Dec 2021, ‘KGB Banker’ is Gold Sponsor of Offshore Alert! John Christmas explained the EBRD fraud at Offshore Alert in 2015. All of the journalists in attendance refused to publish articles about the fraud and refused to explain why. Therefore the fraud is still continuing in 2021 and we are happy at least Offshore Alert believes the public should know about large frauds which hurt millions of victims. Thank you Offshore Alert!

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30 Nov 2021, The Big Thrill interviews ‘KGB Banker’ co-author William Burton McCormick

The Big Thrill Nov 2021

30 Nov 2021, Crime Readers’ Association of the UK named KGB Banker book-of-the-month for December!

Crime Readers’ Association Dec 2021

28 Nov 2021, ‘KGB Banker’ listed in The Laundry Library as a must-read for AML professionals

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The Laundry Library Nov 2021

22 Nov 2021, John Christmas discusses EBRD fraud racket on ContraElite podcast

ContraElite podcast

1 Nov 2021, ‘KGB Banker’ is in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

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Alumni Books _ Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

1 Nov 2021, ‘KGB Banker’ is in ‘Cornellians’ (new online version of Cornell Alumni Magazine)


1 Nov 2021, Ex-BND Chief says Latvian government is a gang of criminals:

Mafia-Krimi in Lettland_ Ex-BND-Chef und Ex-Nato-Boss wurden betogen – Politik Ausland –

15 Sep 2021, John Christmas’ letter to the EBRD governors about the EPPO complaint is published on Kenneth Rijock’s popular anti-money-laundering blog:

10 Sep 2021, thriller novel ‘KGB Banker’ co-written by John Christmas and William Burton McCormick becomes available on Amazon, the plot is loosely based on the real fraud attack against Eastern Europe by the EBRD, this novel provides a medium for spreading the truth about the EBRD even while mainstream journalists block the truth and instead run propaganda articles to protect the EBRD

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KGB Banker – Cornellians _ Cornell University

10 Aug 2021, RETV in Latvia announces ‘Jumts Part 1’ then broadcasts it several times over the following days. It’s getting harder for the Latvian government to continue pretending it isn’t aware of what happened at Parex and what is happening at Citadele.

Dokumentālā filma “Jumts” (

6 June 2021, releases the ‘Jumts Part 1’ documentary by Ansis Pupols about connections between Tambovskaya Mafia and Parex, looting at Parex, and money laundering at Citadele. Includes an interview with whistleblower Christmas.

Watch JUMTS The ROOF Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

10 April 2021, John Christmas explains more angles of the EBRD fraud, including links between EBRD, Atlantic Council, Latvia, and Ukraine

EBRD and Atlantic Council: What are they really doing? – The EU Bubble

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EU Bubble Apr 2021 1 Eng

EU Bubble Apr 2021 2 Eng

EU Bubble Apr 2021 3 Eng

27 February 2021, activist Ruslans Strakis forced into exile by police after posting the truth about the Karins/Dombrovskis EBRD-Parex-Citadele frauds and related fraud at OIK

1 February 2021, John Christmas explains suspicious EBRD protection of Bank of Cyprus, might be similar to EBRD frauds to protect Putin’s bankers at Citadele Bank of Latvia and Siauliu Bank of Lithuania

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EU Bubble Feb 2021 1 Eng

EU Bubble Feb 2021 2 Eng

EU Bubble Feb 2021 3 Eng

27 January 2021, original evidence of EBRD fraud at Ukio Bank of Lithuania, this connects with the Putin Regime however European Union institutions refuse to investigate

26 January 2021, Latvian activist ‘P.P.J.’ released a video about the criminality of Vladimir Putin, mentioning John Christmas who was whistleblower when Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia embezzled the assets of Parex Bank and crashed the Latvian economy, this is brave to say in Latvia where the media is silent about the embezzlement and the government blames the US and Sweden for the Parex collapse