This is from 2019 however just came to our attention recently. It is already confirmed since 2010 with clear evidence from multiple reliable sources that the EBRD-Latvia-Parex-Citadele ‘privatizations’ were fake. They were secretly-reversible deals that hid the embezzlement of Parex assets by Putin’s inner circle of oligarchs. Furthermore, this fraud allowed Putin’s top money launderers to move activities to Ukio Lithuania, ABLV Latvia, Citadele Latvia, and Danske Estonia so that they could launder hundreds of billions of dollars on top of the billions already laundered through Parex. This fraud still continues in 2023 because of EBRD ‘investments’ in Citadele and Ukio (Siauliu). Simultaneously, the EBRD is partner with Oligarch Vardanyan at Ameriabank and Oligarch Vekselberg and Oligarch Rybolovlev at Bank of Cyprus. All of these criminal banks have USD correspondent accounts because the EBRD is spreading false propaganda that it is pro-democracy and pro-transparency even though really it is a criminal organization serving Putin.

The EBRD and Valdis Dombrovskis (the same person who signed the original Parex fraud who inexplicably was made into European Commission EVP responsible for the whole economy of Europe) figured out a new way to attack Europe (Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania at least and maybe more countries added later). They paid law firm Sorainen in Latvia (the same law firm that helped with the Parex looting  and cover-up) using EU taxpayer money to create a new form of ‘covered bonds’ whereby mobsters who control banks can make fake loans to themselves, securitize these fake loans into ‘covered bonds’ usually with state guarantees, and sell these instruments to the European Central Bank. Our prediction: hundreds of billions of additional dollars and euros will be stolen from Europeans.

EBRD Latvia Covered Bonds 2019