It has been well-known for many years that all of the wealth of Ventspils is going to five individuals:  Aivars Lembergs, Olafs Berkis, Olegs Stepanovs, Igors Skoks, and Genadijs Sevcovs.

When the Latvian Prosecutors Office announced in 2007 that it would prosecute Lembergs, Latvians were amazed because it always seemed that the oligarchs were above the law.  The prosecution should have been extremely easy because of discoveries of shell-company activities by law enforcement in Austria, Lichtenstein, and Guernsey.

But now in 2012, it is clear that the Lembergs prosecution is not real.  He is not in jail.  And, he and his friends are still able to take money from the state.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, a company named “Gunvor” is mentioned in this article.  Could this be a link to the KGB’s notorious “Gunvor” in Switzerland?

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