Now in 2022, Latvia is still a fake democratic state ruled by a Mafia which reports up to the Kremlin. Citadele Bank still has a fake investment from the EBRD to give it fake legitimacy. And, most of the banks in Latvia are still Russian Mafia money launderers. Putin has invaded Ukraine and is threatening nuclear war against many other countries. Will anyone in Brussels, London, or Washington wake up and stop him? With all this media coverage still continuing since 2010 when John Christmas discovered the EBRD fraud, it seems that ‘intelligence’ agents in Brussels, London, and Washington are the only people on Earth who still don’t know what’s happening.

22 December 2022 – Mark Camilleri of Dar Camilleri interviews John Christmas, the true story behind thriller ‘KGB Banker’


17 November 2022: John Christmas interviewed by Sarah Westall about connections between the EBRD-Putin fraud and politicians John Kerry and Valdis Dombrovskis



14 October 2022 – Release of Ansis Pupols’ documentary ‘The Roof 2.’ This was televised on RETV in Latvia. New info: Parex looter Eduard Hudainatov is front owner for Putin’s yacht, Parex money launderer Valery Hudorozhkov worked at EBRD-subsidiary Citadele Bank’s Swiss subsidiary for 10 years openly offering illegal services, and at the same time controlled two shell companies at the center of the Danske Estonia money laundering.

15 June 2022 – Mattei Rosca did excellent work researching EBRD tricks in Moldova and Romania. Can anyone still believe the EBRD is fostering transparency???

European development bank mired in Moldovan legal drama – Reporter

14 June 2022 – Thank you Mauro Caterina of EuroVox! The Latvian government and EBRD have been fighting whistleblower John Christmas and Latvia/European taxpayers for years to fund and protect Putin’s money launderers. The Latvian media is silent. At least you can read about it in Italian!

Esclusivo – Le denunce inascoltate di John Christmas sul _sistema lettone_ – EuroVox


12 June 2022 – John Christmas interviewed in about the EBRD fraudulently using your money to protect an oligarch from Putin’s inner circle.

Angelina Jolie a bătut palma cu un oligarh rus suspectat de asasinarea concurenților News Cafe


27 April 2022 – Michael Leidig from CEN published Anna-Maria Galojan’s interview of whistleblower John Christmas focusing on Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins’ years-long fraud, slander, disinformation, and threats campaign to block the whistleblowing and give billions of euros of taxpayer money to criminals linked to the Kremlin.

Whistleblower Who Exposed Latvian Bank Fraud Writes A Story About Bank Fraud To Escape Legal Action » Ananova


20 April 2022 – John Christmas interviewed on American Media Periscope’s Making Sense of the Madness, trying to understand why the USA still funds the EBRD which is openly known to be running a fraud racket for Putin since 2010:


4 April 2022 – John Christmas interviewed on WLEA New York about ‘KGB Banker’ and Russian Mafia control of the Latvian government:


25 January 2022 – John Christmas interviewed by John Maciel from CKWR FM in Ontario about the Latvia-EBRD-Putin fraud and spy thriller ‘KGB Banker’ (aired 31 January 2022)

24 January 2022 – John Christmas interviewed for True Crime Tuesday on Darkness Radio about the Latvia-EBRD-Putin fraud and spy thriller ‘KGB Banker’ (aired 25 January 2022)

Darkness Radio – TCT_ KGB Banker w_ John Christmas on Stitcher

9 January 2022 – John Christmas interviewed by The Eastern Border podcast about the Latvia-EBRD-Putin fraud and spy thriller ‘KGB Banker’

Dirty dealings at Parex with John Christmas – The Eastern Border podcast