Are you horrified by the murder of Sergey Magnitsky?  Are you disgusted by the involvement of Russian government officials in the related theft of hundreds of millions of dollars?  Please know that Latvian banks were involved.  The Latvian offshore banking system is funded by the EBRD, EU, IMF, and World Bank.  Why does the world tolerate this outrageous use of taxpayer money?

The attached letter details the movement of stolen money through the following Latvian banks:  AB.LV, Baltic International Bank, Baltic Trust Bank, Paritate Bank, Rietumu Bank, and Trasta Komercbank.  All have links with Parex Bank, and all used shell companies from the same “International Overseas Services” that was run by the former Parex chairman.  When half of the assets of Parex disappeared in 2008, the EBRD, EU, IMF, and World Bank bailed out the shell-company depositors with a loan that must be paid back by Latvian taxpayers.  A large part of the bailed out deposits were re-deposited at AB.LV.

Please read this letter from Brown Rudnick to the Latvian General Prosecutor regarding Latvian banks involved in the Sergey Magnitsky case:

Latvian Complaint signed FULL (2)